What is Travel Photography?

What is Travel Photography? This is probably the most important and misunderstood term. But on the other hand the most popular genre of photography. Mostly because it covers the entire spectrum of photography. For travel photography, well you need to travel and do photography along. You can do portrait, landscape, events as part of travel photography. Photography is a form of creative expression that lets us capture those moments in our own way.

But the big question still remains unanswered, what is travel photography? How can we able to define this term? Travel opens the mind, and refreshes your soul! It can give you some of the most incredible moments.

Can photography in the neighborhood be a travel photography? Photography done in some part of the city can be a travel photography. When we travel, the same scene becomes exciting to us. The same flower looks more vibrant and has more texture. Basically, our senses become in the active heightened state when we change our location.

Travel is our state of mind and a moment to actually perceive life. When we talk of life, we only end up thinking about us breathing. Life is what is us, in us and around us. Traveling changes our perspectives and if traveling cannot change us, nothing can. Likewise, travel photography changes our concepts and perspectives. We become more aware of ourselves and others. Travel photography ignites our senses enabling us to see the details of life. Which in turn helps us to be more observant and appreciate things and people around us.

Travel Photography capturing people and places that are unfamiliar to me and my friends/peers/family, places that are far away from where I was born and grew up, especially if the culture is very different. Different languages, food, a way of life, all of these things are what you find and experience when. Travel documentation and a storytelling of my experience so I will feel being blessed for whatever I meet during my travel.

Shooting photo in exotic place around the world. Collect beautiful images from a journey so u can enjoy for years

Any photography we do which challenges our pre-existing mindset, any photography which makes us go outside our comfort zone is travel photography.

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