Top five Portfolio Sites

A portfolio is an important tool for a photographer. A well laid out portfolio tells a lot about the photographer and his/her work. For a photographer amateur or a professional, having a portfolio is a must. A photography portfolio is like a reflection, a mirror image of the personality of the photographer.

Most photography portfolio platforms provide a trial period of 15 days. You can experience the platform in almost full features before deciding on your buying decision.


Squarespace is one visually stunning portfolio platform. The platform is an attractive proposition for creative artists and entrepreneurs alike. The platform has got some of the sleekest layouts and themes. If you looking for a minimalist design with all the functionalities and running an e-commerce store is your priority, then Squarespace is for you.


Format offers everything you need to showcase your work. This Toronto based company has a vibrant community of creative artists from all over the globe. Format is conceptualized and designed keeping in mind professionals at heart. They do have an excellent customer support system. Simple layouts, and integrated e-commerce solutions.


Started in 2005, Photoshelter is a smart and simple platform for creative artists and professionals. The portfolio website has got flexible customization options making it a top choice. Photoshelter is more a photo management system rather than just being a simple portfolio platform. Showcase of photos and e-commerce is seamlessly integrated.


Choice of millions of photographers around the globe, Smugmug is a popular choice. I personally feel it lacks a punch when it comes to customization. With great customer support and a thriving community, Smugmug ranks among the best in the business. Smugmug was also recently in the news when it acquired Flickr. We all know Flickr was once a poster boy of photo sharing websites. With time, Flickr has lost its sheen but more on that later.

Portfolio Box

This Sweden based, a self-funded portfolio website is perfect for creative artists. Relatively new in the market but has a good market standing. Portfoliobox has got all the features one needs to create a stunning looking portfolio with all the functionality.  Portfoliobox keeps it simple by offering only two plans, a free account, and a premium account.

I must add a sixth one in the list. Through google search on photographers, I came to know about this platform.


Simple, clean and to the point, that’s what Pixpa is all about. Pixpa does a great job by providing Portfolio, Galleries, and stores all under one roof. It really feels good that an Indian based platform is also present as an option for photographers. Make no mistake, the platform looks at par with all the international portfolio websites. Mind you, I have no affiliation with Pixpa.

The possibilities are endless with these photography portfolio sites. I have tried and tested each and every portfolio platform mentioned below. They all have their own pros and limitations. Ultimately it comes down to the individual choice and preferences. More on these platforms in the upcoming blog.

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