How to celebrate world photography day?

World Photography Day, August 19,  the mecca of a day for shutterbugs, for all the photographers all around the world. You can sense the buzz around among the photographer community. The day is meant to have fun, enjoy the very process of creating an image.

So how can you celebrate this special day of photographer community?

Few things you can think of doing:

  1. Shoot: Yes, what better way than celebrating the day than taking the camera in hand and creating images. You can choose to go out obviously but for some reasons you cannot move out, use elements in your home as subjects. The light coming from that windows, soft light of that lamp shade, your own home garden etc. for some inspiration.

  2. Read: You can read a book on photography or read about some great photographers you admire like the iconic, early 20th Century American photographer Ansel Adams or Henry Cartier Bresson or any other photographer you like.

  3. Blog post: You are a photographer, passionate about creating photos. Why not write a small post accompanying your amazing photo.

  4. Camera or Phone: It really does not matter what equipment you use at least on this day.  Remember the first time when you picked up your first camera or any equipment. Remeber that joy. It is time to experience that feeling once again.

  5. Share: Do not keep your efforts in the closet. They do not serve their purpose in the trunk. Share your images, your creative vision with the world. It is much easier inpresent times to reach out to the external world. You do not necessarily have to share a fresh image clicked on the day. If you feel like sharing some of your amazing photos from the past, go ahead with it. There is no forum to put a question on you.

  6. Meetups: Lookout for photo walks or any meet ups in your local area. Go out and attend, while you can. Make friends from the photographic community.

*Have I missed something? Feel free to add more points here.

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Go on, Make merry on World Photography Day. This is your day.

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