Google+ is shutting down

Given the large scale and impact Google products have on our daily lives, news of Google+ shutting down is a big one.

We all remember Google+ was released with much fanfare. Touted as the future base for upcoming google offerings. But, no one could predict the shape and turn the industry will take. As we stand now, the social media industry is driven by visual content.

This is big news.

Google is a huge umbrella with many products under the belt. It really does become difficult to maintain each and every product line on profitability. Social Media Landscape has changed dramatically in the last three years. Visual consumption is on the rise. Even Facebook is facing slow growth. Pure visual platforms are facing upward growth in the last few years. platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are ruling the charts. This has got to do with the surge in young population all around the globe.

No wonder in such dramatic business environment this once top of the cream product is shutting down.

What to do now?

Question is what would be your next step as Google + shuts down. You need to download all your content, first hand. Google has been responsive enough on this count. Detailed instruction has been provided on the required steps to be taken. The user should not face any problem.

You still have time to download your content and Google is doing every possible help in this regard

Click on the following link to know more and proceed further.

Google+ shutting down

This is a perfect example of the fragility of social media platforms. You are never too sure about the future of Instagram also.

So now the question comes, where to put all our content be it words and visual. There is a simple wayout but more on this in the upcoming blog.

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