Full Moon Dance Ritual in Ubud, Bali - a photo essay

Bali is known not just for amazing landscapes but local Hindu culture and festivals. Move around Bali and you will come back capturing portraits of amazing balinese people. The ritual showcase story of a devastating fight between two brothers: Sugriwa and Subali. When Subali waged war against Mahesa Sura, Subali entered a cave to fight the demon but before he warned Sugriwa that if white blood poured out of the cave it meant that Subali had lost and was dead and that Sugriwa should immediately seal the entrance to the cave. Sounds mixed with white and red blood carried outside the cave. Sugriwa was shocked and remembering what Subali had told him he immediately proceeded to seal the mouth of the cave.

This traditional dance ritual is inspired by the great Hindu mythology Ramayana.