Barot valley, Himachal Pradesh – photo essay

A journey out of frustration from big city Delhi Life with no planning or itinerary. Turns out to be the best one so far and the love for mountains and mountain villages continues.

The liquid sound of cold river water hitting the stone rocks. Bright sunshine playing hide and seek with cotton candy clouds. The feeling of quietness, being silent and feeling the union with the surroundings. Majestic deodhar trees standing tall surrounding you from all directions giving you comfort.

This is not a fable but a reality sketched by nature itself in a small place known as Barot in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

The Barot valley photo essay is divided into three categories, namely landscapes, people, and lifestyle. I have tried my best to provide an overview of the magnificent Barot valley

Landscapes of Barot Valley

Water is the driver of nature. Sit near a river stream and experience live music from nature.

river uhl in barot valley in himachal pradesh

river Uhl in Barot valley

The day when there was nothing around but rain clouds embracing tall, majestic deodhars. It was as if a white carpet has been laid out to welcome the Gods. Soul remains in the mountains. The mind wanders in the mountains.

rain clouds in barot valley in himachal pradesh

rain clouds embracing the deodhars

river stream in barot valley in himachal pradesh

river stream in Barot valley

Cotton candy clouds playing hide and seek with the sunlight. River Uhl is like a necklace flowing through the Barot Valley. The valley looks colorful in the bright sunshine with clouds providing texture to the environment

river uhl in barot valley in himachal pradesh

river Uhl

A normal evening scene up in the mountains. When normal is so fascinating, mind-blowing you would want to experience it every day.

sunset in barot valley in himachal pradesh

sunset in the mountains