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Together you and I create magic.

With this current pandemic situation due to the COVID-19 crisis, people all around the globe are feeling more vulnerable than ever before. Such an unprecedented event in modern human history has brought everyone down to their knees. During these testing times, we need to be together and help in our capacity thus creating an emotionally balanced society.

It's a revolutionary idea. Combining emotional healing and photography.
There has never been a doubt about Art being used as a healing tool. Numerous studies have been done regarding the same.

But Photography as a medium to aid in emotional healing has been rarely used. 

Art healing is often confused with Art Therapy, and although art healing and art therapy are very similar, art therapy tends to be a doctor/patent healing process, whereas art healing is an individual/non-therapist healing process. But both use art to help the healing process. Art helps you realize your own inner child.

With a Background in Spirituality, I will be helping and guiding you in flowing across this river of emotions and create a personality that can withstand social and inner challenges and feel self-love.  All this can only be achieved by your equal participation in the process during the sessions.

Creating your own story by giving shape to your vision and emotions during the portrait sessions and creating an intentionally crafted gallery just for you.  The price of the session depends on the time, energy, and love we put together to create an everlasting value for you. Specially curated sessions based on your needs and agreeable requirements.





Some Valuable resources on Art and Healing are mentioned below.


specially curated sessions based on your needs and agreeable requirements