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Travel Photography gear

For a photographer, it is very important to have a solid yet safe bag. The equipment you carry will depend on the kind of work you do and how much gear you like to carry with you. 


Being a travel photographer we must travel light. The gear I carry depends on where I am traveling and for how long.

Travel within Delhi I only carry one camera body and one lens. Outside Delhi, I prefer one camera body and two lenses. 

On my two trips to Bali and one to Nepal, I mainly worked with Fujifilm camera. 

Travel photography with light camera gear means fewer body aches.


As professional photographers, we all want to shoot in RAW but the color reproduction of JPEGS of Fujifilm cameras is top-notch, the best I have seen so far.  


Body: Fujifilm X-T20
Lens: Fujifilm 16-50 mm,  Fujifilm 50 - 200 mm

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