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Hi! i am
amit kagra

I am a Travel photographer with a decade of life as a practicing monk, traveling to villages as a rural communications consultant.  

As a travel photographer, I focus on local traditions and culture and document them.

Indian man with beard, wearing sunglasses, cap and scarf sitting by the rice fields of Bali.


I feel this is the most challenging part to describe as I continue to evolve as a person. 
I am not the same person I was yesterday. I won't be the same person tomorrow as I am today. For as much in depth knowledge I have on technology I am an analog in the digital world and I prefer it that way.  Among other things, I am an artist, a wanderer, a philosopher, a poet, and a spiritual guide. People continue to inspire me in ways they are unaware of as mentors and teachers. Before delving into the creative arts, I worked as a brand communications consultant. I actively pursued bhakti-yoga, which aided in my personal development.
I am inspired by the flow of river water, the rhythm of sea waves, dancing leaves, and full moon nights. Open-air and countryside life stimulates my creative energy. 
I hope to make heartfelt connections with viewers through my visual stories. I aim to elicit a wide range of emotions in my viewers, including love, hope, joy, and sadness.


Connect with me if you want to talk about life, spirituality, photography, creative arts, emotional healing, or transformation. Conversations with souls on the same wavelength fascinate me. 

Let's dance, sing and chant together.

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I moved across India as a child, and those years of moving around laid the groundwork for what I have now in terms of cultural sensitivity and understanding of human behavior. In the corporate job, this capacity was multiplied. My job as a rural communications consultant required me to travel to the country's villages and small towns.
While working, I had the opportunity to travel to various parts of this vast country. Years of travel taught me to be sensitive to cultural nuances and helped me to better understand human behavior. You're interested in learning more about India's culture.

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"Every step I take leads me closer to the logical end of this human life." You may be on your way unknowingly at times. In retrospect, I can appreciate all of the experiences and major life events that shook me from the inside out and caused me to question life, humanity, and the purpose of human life. Looking back, I can see how two major life events influenced and shaped my personality.

The death of my mother in 2010 was the first major jolt in my life. I was too young and naive to comprehend the event. Only recently have I been able to comprehend the impact of a single life event on my thinking and personal development. The change was sown a decade ago, but it is only now that I see the results.

Then there was the second major setback. My new baby boy was born with clubfoot (left). What is club foot, exactly? Hearing the news left me speechless for a few hours. I had no idea how to respond to the situation. The big jolt was still on the way. Due to complications during the surgery for his club foot treatment, he was admitted to the ICU at the age of 21 days and stayed there for a few days. Every waking moment was filled with doubts and questions. It had been a trying time for me. The image of him in the bed, unconscious and surrounded by pipes, is still vivid in my mind.

We decided that I would leave my job and care for him at home because he required special medical attention. As a result, I became an "at-home father." I had no idea that this situation would become a problem for me in the future. Modern Indian society is unaccustomed to seeing a man caring for a newborn child. What followed was a barrage of social pressure that disrupted my emotional equilibrium and disrupted my domestic life. I've never been bothered by societal norms, but I could see how they have a significant impact on our lives and well-being.

Spiritual Seed...

Long before I was born in this life, a spiritual seed was planted. I've been a spiritual person at heart for as long as I can remember. Since childhood, I've been perplexed by the existence of so many gods and goddesses, as well as their importance in our lives.

I came in touch with the Hare Krishna movement as it completely transformed my life and for the better.  
Only because of my spiritual experiences and comprehension of the soul and human body was I able to manage the two significant life events I listed above.
I have lived a life of a part-time monk. While working in the corporate world for a few years, I also lived as a monk for a few years, especially on weekends and special occasions.
Over the years, I have also evolved with my spiritual practice. Now it is more internal instead of associating with an institutional space.


meditation in bali

Path towards Travel Photography...

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My current path in Travel Photography started in 2013 when I got the chance to visit Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad. I specially purchased Canon rebel T3i / 600D for the trip. With time I taught myself nuances of travel Photography. As I have evolved as a person, my photography style both shooting and editing have also evolved. Now I travel not to photograph a destination but to capture the emotions attached to that very place. This needs time and patience more than technical knowledge on photography, of course, that's needed too. For me, the essence of the place is related to not just the inhabitants of the place but the surroundings and landscapes in which people are living. Landscapes we live in impact our emotions and lives more than we realize. Hence I like to present myself as a travel photographer who is looking to create heartfelt human connections through soulful visual stories.     

Currently I am using Fujifilm camera systems. Must I say that You will fall in love with jpegs again with Fujifilm cameras.

* Special mention in Emerging Talent Awards, 2017 conducted by Lensculture.

* Chosen as one of the top 5 travel influencers with the best original photos in  2018 by Holidify, India's only destination discovery platform.

Life's Purpose

One of my life’s purposes is to guide, support, and empower fellow beings in their life journey. I have so much to offer to you, depending on how you would like to benefit from my offerings and experiences.

​You want to understand India beyond the media light then I am your guy. You want to move through the complex social threads of India so as to understand and experience her better then look no further, you are at the right door.

Let's connect & co-create
travel . photography . healing

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